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Lucinda Vickers

Lucinda Vickers earned her Undergraduate and Law degrees from Baylor University. She has practiced law in Atascosa County since 1985. In addition to her civil law practice, she has served as County Attorney for Atascosa County since 2009


I have been licensed to practice law in Texas since 1985.  During that time, my law practice has focused on family law matters, including divorce and child custody, wills and probate, real estate transactions, formation of businesses and debt collection, and general civil litigation.  I have hundreds of hours of experience in all these areas, including hundreds of hours in the courtroom participating in contested cases.  I have handled cases in the following counties: Atascosa, Bexar, Wilson, Karnes, Frio, LaSalle, McMullen, Live Oak, Comal, Guadalupe, Hays, Medina, Uvalde, Real, and Bee.  My clients get the benefit of having an attorney who has the experience of trying cases in numerous locations for more than thirty years.


Most people do not have any experience with lawsuits and court proceedings and the thought of being involved in such matters can bring feelings of anxiety, nervousness and stress.  For some, their only knowledge of how lawyers and legal proceedings work are what they see portrayed on television and in the movies.  I always tell my clients that, just as in everything else, what happens on television and in the movies that concerns lawyers and legal proceedings is a far cry from what happens in real life.  A lawyer cannot guarantee you a certain result in any contested legal matter, because the lawyer in a contested legal matter does not make the ultimate decision either a judge or a jury makes that decision.  I do not guarantee results - what I guarantee is that I will always tell you the truth about your case as I see it.  I guarantee that I will always give you my honest opinion based on my years of experience.  I guarantee that I will always do my absolute best to get you the result you desire while at the same time being honest with you about the best result you can hope to get.  In my opinion, a great lawyer is like a guide leading you through the swamp, avoiding the dangerous bogs and animals and getting you to your destination safely.

Speed and Cost-effectiveness

You may not need a lawyer often in your life, but when you do, you want an attorney who will get the job done quickly, thoroughly, and  at a reasonable cost.  Of course, there may be waiting periods or delays that are out of your attorney's control, but I take pride in the speed and efficiency of my work. I will do my best to complete your legal matter as quickly as the law allows, while giving it the attention and effort it deserves.  Because my work is completed quickly, your costs are kept at a reasonable level.  As with time periods or delays, some costs are unavoidable; however, I do my best in every case to make attorney fees and costs as affordable as possible for the client, while still providing high-quality personal service.

Small-town service, big-time quality

I am proud of being a small-town solo practitioner because that allows me to provide two important things to my clients: good communication and excellent personal service.  I have a full-time legal assistant who personally answers the office telephone during regular business hours, and I have an answering machine for messages at all other times.  Because I am often in court attending hearings and therefore not in the office, it usually takes me about forty-eight hours to return most telephone calls.  I also have a business email address, and I usually respond to emails within twenty-four hours.  I like email responses because I usually get to those faster, I can answer them after business hours and from any location, and then my clients have something in writing that they can read over and keep for future reference.